Pro addiction Hair Straightening

When seeking for a service, it is normal, and somewhat imperative to get the best. You can use the same principle in finding that hair service that would keep you satisfied and wanting to come back for more. Many people deal with numerous hair issues, some rarely have a good hair day, while others deal with lots of hair breakage, dry scalp split ends, and the list goes on.

If you reside within Staten Island, you needn’t bear the burden of hair malfunction any longer. We are a licensed group, determined to bring out the best in every hair situation or mishap. We specialize in proper straightening and smoothening of hair of all kinds and texture, giving it that glamorous glossy look and feel. We also utilize Pro Addiction hair products in our hair care services.

Pro Addiction hair care products have proven not just to focus on the condition of your hair, but whatever effects it might have on your health. Due to long term adverse effects keratin and formaldehyde may cause on your hair, Pro Addiction has chosen to eliminate the use of such, and instead have encouraged the use of natural proteins and amino acids in its formulation. In other words, you will obtain all the healthy benefits of hair treatment, with no side effects. Use of Pro Addiction formulas will give you that natural feel you always crave for your hair. It is also perfect for hair straightening and smoothing, regardless of if you want your hair fuller or pressed after the procedure.

With such amazing properties of Pro Addiction hair products, and the services of hair specialists like us, you would be receiving the best treatment you could ever imagine. Beautie Bar Blow-dry, Laser & Facials are always here for you, all you have to do is call.