oxygeneo treatment

If you wish to throw some dollars to have the big O sprayed at your face, then you should do it the right way; by involving the services of the best skin therapists. The Beautie bar in Staten Island, NY, is your one-stop beauty clinic that can get your skin looking so stunning in a matter of minutes. You can trust our Oxygeneo 3 in1 facial system, administered by the very best skincare professionals to give you that silky and glowy skin appeal that you so much desire.

In the years past, the beauty industry has witnessed so much buzz and different trends on many proper skin treatments. Yet, most of them seem to be a mere fad. Only a few have shown to stand the test of time. In today’s skincare industry, the dermatologist is more concerned with ways to combine technology with nature effectively. Not just dermatologists again, many people are more intrigued by the idea of rejuvenating their body, without necessarily going through knife and needles. This is precisely what the oxygeneo facial therapy offers in a platter; an anti-aging treatment that exfoliates, infuse, and oxygenates the skin, giving way to a brighter, plumper and smoother skin with a warm “glow” to cap it all.

Factors such as the aging process, smoking, pollution in the air, and a whole lot more can weigh heavily on the skin. Of course, it’s no news that oxygen can help with skin repair and regeneration. If for anything, the nourishment that oxygen gives to the skin has significantly been emphasized. Unfortunately, the innovative oxygeneo-3-in-one facial with its miraculous effects is yet to gain so many accolades that it deserves. With the Beautie bar’s oxygeneo facial, you not only stand to gain the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion. Our infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients gives you a more profound facial rejuvenation. Also, the oxygenation heals your skin. Add a youthful glow to your skin today, try our oxygeneo 3 in1 facial treatment!