Cellulite Cupping

Cellulite Cupping Services

One blissful fact with our whole cellulite cupping therapy is that it gives you that stunning look you deserve without subjecting you to knives and pins.

You are much at liberty to love your body just the way it is: cellulite or no cellulite. However, if you are much disposed to change it, our Cellulite Cupping therapy is always there for you.

Many things can bring about the feasting of cellulite on your once-perfect skin. For starters, when your connective tissues degenerate, they cause cellulite. However, the number one culprit for this skin imperfection is poor circulation of blood and reduced drainage of the lymph. Fatty cells in the subcutaneous layer, when altered by fluid retention, cause the appearance of cellulite. Our cupping treatment works to reduce fluid accumulation and increase blood circulation.

Cellulite Cupping Treatment available in Staten Island can be administered in different ways. The extensive cupping treatment involves the use of suction cup to increase blood circulation and the lymph flow through deep suction.(Trapped toxins are also eliminated in the process). This suction technically creates a vacuum to make sure the skin is sucked in, ultimately removing the cellulite.

Once our experienced cupping practitioners are done, your skin will be a lot smoother, taut, and toned. The feeling that comes from our cupping treatment is best experienced! Once you’re done with the exercise, all those bumpy areas that you may have been part of your body, appearing on your thighs, tummy, and bum will be significantly reduced. If you’re in the league of women who fancies thinner thighs and despises those bloated look so much, our cupping solution is much good news.

Though the whole process can make you feel numb or cause you slight discomfort at the onset, it worths the effort. Be it your arms, stomach, outer hip, thigh areas, calves, or any area; our procedure is as safe as it is effective. Secure an appointment with us, and see yourself rocking a toned and trim skin with zero cellulite.