Body Contouring & Sculpting

Body Contouring Treatments & Rates:


Lipo Laser (non invasive): Melt fat cells as you lay back and relax. This treatment can be performed on Arms, Legs, Midsection and even your chin. (Price per large area)  $150


Body Cavitation: Melts unwanted fat, reduces cellulite and helps drain your lymphnotes of toxins $150


Lipo Laser & Body Cavitation: Get maximum results with a combination of both lipo laser & cavitation $250


Brazilian Butt lift (Cupping & Vacuum)  – lift and tone your glutes with a signature vacuum and cupping session $150


Lymphatic Drainage: lymphatic drainage of the legs and tummy via cupping $125


Cellulite Cupping & Reduction: reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples with cupping  $80


-For Best Results 6-9 sessions are needed for all the above services performed 2x per week. Please inquire about our discounted package rates.




No matter your age, or gender, there are many ways you can deal with your weight if you are so determined. However, finding the right clinic is what makes the difference. With our body contouring and sculpting therapies, you can now get a fast and long-lasting solution to reduce your body fat.


Through our body contouring and sculpting services, you can get rid of your flabbiness and regain your youthful appearance. Our fat reduction services promise to reduce that extra loose fat from various areas of the body. These include your hips, buttocks, arms, waist, cheeks, neck, knees, inner and outer thighs, tummy area, and more that are usually resistant to dieting and workouts.


Your Staten Island #1 fat reduction clinic has all the body sculpting and wellness secret for everyone that wants to slim down and tone up. Our body contouring and sculpting treatment usually yield positive results for all our patients.


For those seeking lymphatic drainage treatment, our unique style of lymphatic drainage treatment is the ultimate for detoxing your body. By combining the right devices and applying the best procedure, our professional team of physicians stimulates blood and lymph circulation that functions to eliminate toxins and unblock subcutaneous tissue. The presence and even the grimiest appearance of fat cells or cellulite will be eliminated, giving you a firm skin.


Our clinic’s body contouring, sculpting, and lymphatic drainage solutions are best experienced! When dieting and exercise prove not to help you much in getting rid of fats in specific places in your body, our fat reduction solution will always come to the rescue. We still recommend that you maintain an active lifestyle, eating healthy, and taking proper care of your body.


Once you have decided to address your body fats through cosmetic treatment, getting an experienced and expert clinic with the right personnel and tools to give you the best results becomes imperative. We always deliver!